Using A Benchtop Milling Machine

A benchtop milling machine is a modern device that is used to cut metal and other materials.  The process is done quite simply by using a workpiece that is used in tandem with a rotating cutting tool.  A milling machine can cut a variety of shapes in many different and unique sizes. It can also be used to cut such things as grooves, dovetails and even ordinary flat surfaces.  Workers throughout the world use milling machines to cut concave and convex grooves and for many other cutting projects as well.

The circular cutting tool inside a milling machine is made up of many different cutting edges. The workpiece itself is usually kept in place by a vise that is clamped on to a secure surface on a sturdy work table allowing it to move in several perpendicular directions.  Special cutters are clamped to the milling machine’s spindle.  The final cutter has a tapered shank that fits snugly into the spindle.  

When it is being used, the milling machine’s workpiece is transported on a table that is either manually or power driven.  Some of these machines are even digitally powered using advanced computer technology.  Flat surfaces are generally produced; however, any desired shape can be ground by the cutter.  These machines can even mill one space at a time by using a spur gear disk cutter.

Metal or other solid materials can be milled into almost any desired shape using this unique machine.  A milling machine is very different from a drill press.  A drill press holds the workpiece stationary and the drill is moved vertically.  A milling machine also includes moving the workpiece against the rotating cutter.  Milling machines precisely  control the cutter’s movement using advanced leadscrew technology.  Oftentimes, cutting fluid is sprayed into the actual cutting area for cooling and lubricating purposes.

Workers today use milling machines for very complex tasks and in a numberof advanced  production operations.  A benchtop milling machine helps them get the job done  correctly and professionally.  They are able to plane, drill and rout almost anything they choose quickly and with the precision they desire.


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